Keep Them Safe at Home with a Lifetime Microchip Registration


Registering your pet's microchip links (YOU), the pet parent, to your pet and ensures that you can be contacted immediately once your lost pet is found. Once registered, you will be provided with live 24/7 support.

Choose Your Protection

Yearly Lost Pet Protection


Lifetime Microchip Registration


1 Yearly Lost Pet Alerting Services


Yearly Renewal Required

Lifetime Microchip Protection


Lifetime Microchip Registration

Lifetime Pet Alerting Services

No Renewal Required

Behavioral Support for your pet.

Speak to a certified behaviorist and have unlimited access to an online library of training videos.

How Does Pet Microchipping Work?



 Pet microchips are very small, roughly the size of a grain of rice and are inserted just beneath your pet's skin between their shoulder blades. Inserting the microchip is quick and safe similar to a routine shot.


A pet microchip uses a radio frequency known as RFID to transmit the ID number stored on the microchip to the scanning device that reads the pet's unique number and displays it. The facility that scans your pet can then enter the microchip number into the Universal Pet Microchip Lookup tool online at 

to determine if your pet is registered and they will contact us directly so we can reunite you with your pet.


It is important to register this unique microchip number with your contact information so that you can be reached immediately 24 hours a day if your pet is lost or found

We Register Any Brand of Microchip

  • AVID ™

  • AKC CAR/EID/Reunite ™

  • Digital Angel ®

  • Home Again ®

  • ResQ ®


  • Schering Plough ™

  • 24 PET WATCH ™

  • Lifechip ®

  • Banfield ® Trupaws ®

  • Crystal Tag ™

  • Datamars ™

  • Trovan ®

  • Destron Fearing ™

  • PetLink ™

  • Chip 

Why is there a fee?

Our team works day and night at our lost pet recovery headquarters to ensure pets are reunited with their families as quickly as possible.

If your pet is microchipped it is important to select a registration to ensure they are listed as registered in the AAHA Universal Microchip Lookup Tool.

We have been helping lost pets for many years and we know first hand that when a pet is lost every second counts and simply listing your pet in a database is just not enough so we utilize the most advanced technology and provide live phone support 24 hours a day to get them home as quickly as possible. 

Your registration fee ensures that we can continue to provide you with the best support and technology to keep your pet safe at home.

Disclaimer:  YDP are not the breeders of any of our puppies. Our mixed breed puppies may contain other breeds. If looking for 50/50 split puppies please view our photos that indicate 50/50 split. Please click on our photos for the puppies breeds & fees. 

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